For morality to end up prevailing over long stretches of history, a reverse minority rule has to have been at play: the conditional probability is that odious people have to be usually dumb and the moral people more intelligent. True: it appears that those who engage in smear campaigning are fundamentally incompetent at everything else –and at that business too, so the industry tends to accumulate the rejects prone to ethically stretches.
The Skin of Others in your Game
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

This seems like a relief in the domain of lobbyists but it works the other way in a more important domain: Politics. To be a succesfull politician you need to have a broken ethics. Otherwise you will not be able to climb the ladders of the political world and got eliminated just as you are starting.

It is not just ethics. You can rarely find a politician who is fond of poems or art in general for instance. The conditional probability again works the other way. If a person is interested in art, this is a signal of his/her personal view of life, what she stresses about living and what meaning she attaches to it. And all of these will work against her if she tries conventional (i.e. partisan) politics. She will probably stay away initially without even trying. So the higher levels of politics left out to people who are ethically broken, have flaws in their characters and whose expectations from life are abominable. There are exceptions of course but they are just that. Exceptions.

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