Warning: Discusses sexual assault, sex work, suicide, self-harm, and more fucked up things than I thought possible.

This is written based on what was told to me by the (for now) anonymous person depicted. It is her voice, not mine. As she heals from the lifetime of abuse she talks about below, I have listened and written what she told me.

Her experiences being told in the third person makes it somewhat “easier” for her to accept that these things actually happened to her. So she can empathize for the person in this story.

There may be some minor chronological…

People can die when you vent your frustrations.

Within a message from the local Sheriff in Island County, WA (included at the end of this post) was this statement:

“I am thankful that we are willing to cut each other a little slack to vent our frustrations.”

You, and all law enforcement and local government across the United States have literally had centuries to do the right thing, and only now — when we have started down the unstoppable road of police reform and making some progress for holding law enforcement accountable— are you talking about giving each other “slack”…

Before you get involved in another family’s disagreement; ask some basic questions. Especially if you fear something more is going on or someone is in danger. Do not undermine our parenting and put our daughter and us at risk because of your bias and prejudice. A police officer entered our home without our permission because of choices you made, and it could have ended a lot worse than it did. We feel violated by what happened. I know your intentions were not malicious — but nonetheless, your intentions were misguided, and your actions were very dangerous.

This past weekend, my…

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There is around 6 months delay between things boat related happening and me posting them here.

Very little got done this summer, work took over in April and I didn’t get a breather until September. Although, this happened…

The last post explained some of the details of forming the core. this weekend was a sprint to generate them. A couple of Adderall and all nighter later, and we’ve got them validated and cutting!

To summarize, the goal was to take the hull design provided by the designer, and convert into a 3D surface, and generate a set of 2D shapes which can be fed into Maslow CNC to cut the foam. …

Boat builders will often choose for as simple hull shapes as possible, which means as many “developable” surfaces joined together as possible to make the whole shape of the hull. A developable surface is one which has no Gaussian curvature (i.e can be flattened without compressing or stretching it).

While this makes construction somewhat easier, the design we choose has a lot of non developable surfaces due to the flare in the hull, which brings up a few challenges we need to address.

As many will know, the finished hull is made as a “sandwich”. The bread is the fiberglass…

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