Aphorisms are typically overlooked however provide interesting ways to articulate sentences that impress readers. Having the ability to incorporate aphorisms into your writing also reflects your sense of style and structure that is needed to impress an audience. For this specific post I will be forming different aphorisms centered around 3 topics, college life, writing, and principles of success, then explain the grammatical formation of two and then writing a distillation for the remaining aphorism.


  1. Studying facilities academic success.

For this aphorism I was looking to emphasize the relationships between effort given and how it reflects in your academic accomplishments. “Studying” is placed at the front of the sentence, can be identified as a gerund phrase, to serve as an explanation to the character of the phrase. It is meant to be fast moving to get the point across quickly.

2. Caffeine, a dangerously overused drug by adolescents, encourages all nighters which horrible study habits over time.

In this sentence I used an appositive phrase to expand my thought and provide supporting information to make the subject of the sentence more clear for the reader. An appositive phrase clearly marked by the two commas that interrupt the main though of the sentence.

3. One of the most dreaded aspects of college life is refusing your body the sleep it needs. The transition from high school to college can be uncomfortable in many ways, like the unpleasant mattresses and disturbing smells from dorm rooms, but the one that trumps them all is sleep deprivation. This is the time in which students must learn how to cope with certain things and then adjust their schedule accordingly. However with only 4 full weeks into college, I am understanding that there is not enough hours in the day to get the work done without sacrificing meals or meeting my peers. College, a place where students come explore academics, but instead learn how to function on less than 3 hours of sleep.


1. Focusing on refining your writing is a waste of time, it will come with time and practice.

In this sentence I combined an independent and dependent clause with a comma. In order to continue on with my train of thought, I had to first separate the different clauses and then combine them to create a valid sentence.

2. Great writing takes time to develop, but impatience does not.

For this aphorism I created another independent and dependent clause joined with a comma however added in a fanboy conjunction to create the two different phrases together. This sentence was meant to be very clear and concise like the others however toward the end of the sentence, I tried to develop a change in motion by jumping to “impatience.”

3. Like all new things, writing can be a very daughtning task to undertake. Writing takes time and determination which means that individuals who believe that skills will be acquired very easily, will be left feeling unfulfilled. Although this cycle cannot be truly broken until one fully develops the skills that they are interested in, their ability to apply themselves unrelentlessly proves the they are on the right path to becoming a stronger writer. Your personal struggles to complete a task is not an indicator of weakness, but self determination.


  1. Studying is hated by students who are not motivated, but loved by those who enjoy not to fail.

This aphorism was meant to use a parallel structure to compare two different perspectives and their tack on one subject. I also put this statement in the passive voice to create a challenge for myself and I enjoyed the flow of the sentence it created.

2. The only requirement of success is an authors own sense of accomplishment.

I tried to create a statement that incorporated the passive voice which is often used if the subject of the sentence is unclear or to create a better sense flow within the sentence. Using passive voice enabled me to be vague on who exactly the “doer” was. Like all the other aphorisms, this was meant to me a quick and direct statement.

3. An easy way to make your sentences sound academic is to pay attention to the sentence structure when creating them. In order to refine your writing skills, a writer should take in consideration the certain style they are writing in and their audience. Not only will understanding sentence structure benefit your writing for that specific assignment, it will help your ability to create grammatically sound sentences in the future. Sentence structure makes all the difference.

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