Quick Share on standardized testing

My position:

The SAT and ACT should not be used in the college application process because they are unreliable and do not really represent what students are capable of.

So many books, so little sleep.


My opposition to standardized testing is heavily motivated through my own experiences during the college application process. Entering this process, I was fully aware of my academic strengths and weaknesses however what shocked me was how lots of my achievements as a high school student were overlooked due to my sub par standardized testing skills. Initially this drove me to search out schools that were test optional and focussed on my high school transcript and other aspects of my application than my standardized test scores. I was astonished that I was advised to give up on many of the schools I had been considering and settle for others. Of course I eventually made it to college however this experience made me question how important these scores actually were to my life. I had been raised in a competitive academic environment that preached how standardized test scores would lead to a better education and life, but why? Why are students allowing random numbers to dictate their potential in life? It is frightening to realize so many institutions prioritize data and numbers over the individuality of their student body. There are so many other factors that contribute to a person other than their ability to study for one test, therefore the SAT and ACT should no longer be involved in college applications.