Why Facebook do not adopt Partner Program like Youtube.

. It is a quite interesting question as I would have never think about it if I did not take this class.

. First I think the most obvious reason is that Youtube is a platform for people to show different kinds of interesting videos and get plenty of comment and feedback which will please not only the audience but also the publisher,on the other hand,Facebook is more like a communication tool for relatives and friends to stay in touch with each other,so maybe we will find a little weird if a stranger comment on us.

. The second reason is that there are more texts and photos on Facebook unlike Youtube which are mainly videos,the way it performs our life decides that Facebook could not be a video share center.Just like the majority of us would choose to spend the leisure time on television or soap opera instead of books or pictures,the video is definitely more attractive and more worthy for us to comment and share.However,in recent years,there is also a popularity for people to share short videos on Facebook,but still, most of them is just for fun in friends not for attention of the public.

. The next reason is for numbers,Facebook had over 1.18 billion monthly active users as of August 2015. Because of the large volume of data users submit to the service,it is quite hard to set up a program and run it smoothly. Meanwhile, A big part of Facebook’s pitch is that it has so much information about its users that it can more effectively target ads to those who will be responsive to the content instead of spending money to attract people to high quality stuff,also,adopting a partner program would not promise it a huge profit after subtracting the cost.

“In September 2014, Facebook announced that it delivers 1 billion video views per day and that it would begin showing everyone view counts on publicly posted videos from users, Pages, and public figures. It also confirmed that it is recommending additional videos to users after they have watched a video. Sixty-five percent of Facebook’s video views are coming from mobile where Facebook’s user base is shifting, and views grew 50 percent from May to July.”

. Seeing this dramatic increasing speed, we may draw the conclusion that Facebook is trying really hard to get a piece of cake in online video market where there be a absolutely hot battle.

. However,from my own opinion,if Facebook still focus itself as a social network then it probably would never achieve the height of Youtube,on the contrary,if it develope itself to a big video share center at the cost of losing its old job,then it would be a total disaster.Maybe in the future years,Facebook will provide a video sharing app just like Messager or something else which combines it huge number of users with the video sharing system even a partner program.

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