Nikolay the Fool

A vast sunset smeared across his canvas
With an ocean scene beyond the mast
He was the painter in the corner
His love, for all I could have asked
Light delicately traced the outlines of his skin
An illuminating nimbus thrust forth
Stunning decor was he
Wrapped in haute couture
Voluptuous aficionado was I
With nothing but beauty in view
I was never noticed
In front of his face
Acrylics were passion
Desire was paint
Our lips were too far apart
My impression sotto voce
Loving deeply
Even though it did kill me
I sought you out further
But we bursted at the seams
Separation was an armful
Poorly reflecting thegleam
Time stopped
Never saw you again
I fell off
O’er the edge
A billion tiny chemicals
Nor did God let me repent
Life did quell
Finé and so forth

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