The Sun Child

Am I not valiant?
Not beating heart of flesh
and bone?
Bleed I not the same warring blood
as you?
Do I not appear just as strong?
Have I no room to err
and what of ignorance?
Am I not just as well
in the image and likeliness?
Or am I forever to be stuck
as just another stepping stone in your foundation?
History ignores me
While all the maps I’ve traced
Like a Hellenic conqueror
With David’s face

Am I not brave enough for camaraderie?
Too sharp for soft embrace?
Unholy desire
To paradise, disgrace
Your psychology’s fool -
My childhood mockery
The abomination has a name
And I am given more names than He
Allowed a mask for your theatre
In my reversal of role
To all I serve no function
Lacking Selective service
Devil-bound soul

But a fire burns in the temple
Two men sewn to one
for I have been divided for the sake of Love
You will come marching to Me -
The Child of the Sun.