These eyes were made for lying.
These eyes were made for ignorance:
to stand out desolate, naked, and fearless;
To know nothing of my garb and my frail body
To blind me from the cracked mirror of self-doubt
To repair solemn reflection in dark embrace
To cloud mind from lustful judgements
and prevent sight of teeth unsheathed

They are false anatomy
and a divine veil:

To shield from the glimpse of fire,
when I must bravely walk through flames
To seek the twilight of reason
when light presents mirage
To dance upon the stage of my darkness
unaware of the limitations of the sky
To witness the extent of my vision
as a humble Child

To feel, pull, and crawl my way towards balance
between both Pillars
To touch the emptiness of the shelves
and know the library of self

Because life is no holy book
but a word described
These eyes are cheap paint
and a soul defined

All will wipe-off
These are Adam’s eyes