Proven & effective holistic pain management approach without any Side Effects

The technology-driven world around us has made our lifestyles so much preoccupying and challenging that every third person we meet throughout the day complains of pain or other physical issues. Stressful work hours, inadequate restful sleep, fluctuating sleep-wake cycles and delayed eating habits all contribute to stress, pain and suffering in some way or the other. Be it a normal headache, knee ache, neck pain, or heel pain due to exertion or a severe Migraine, limb pain, or sports injury; every condition requires specific therapeutic treatment. Medication and localized treatment may provide immediate relief from pain but effective pain management for a long-term requires a holistic approach to treatment without causing any side-effects. Although there are various pain relief centers and clinics in Mumbai, Ashirvad Pain Relief Clinic is well-known for its holistic and proven pain management approach.

Situated at the heart of Mumbai, Ashirvad pain clinic Mumbai treats various conditions including abdominal and pelvic pains, backaches, headaches and Migraine, Cancer pain, CRPS1 and CRPS2, Coccydynia, facial pain, Neuralgias, knee, heel, or neck pain, limb pain, phantom pain, as well as sports injuries. With various effective treatment strategies, every practitioner and therapist at Ashirvad pain relief Mumbai aims at curing the condition to help the patients restore their normal lifestyles. The doctors at the clinic provide a holistic treatment that helps in improving the quality of life of the patients not just physically but socially and emotionally as well. The experts not just provide physical therapy and medication but also facilitate dietary advice and counseling sessions for the patients. Counselling sessions work as a boon for the patients and help them identify major stressors in their lives. These sessions also empower patients to deal with stress and practice self-control. Spiritual, mental and physical aspects of a patient are further addressed with yoga sessions and pranayama. Acupuncture is also adopted as a mode of treatment to address points of stress within the human body. Patients are often given Acupuncture sessions to help them learn about the points of stress so that they can use the knowledge as a primary aid in case of sudden attacks of pain. A major component involved in any kind of pain is musculoskeletal and neuropathic. Intramuscular stimulation and dry needling technique are applied to effectively address musculoskeletal and neuropathic pains. Simple physical therapy involves Botox injections under IMS. To ensure standardized quality care to every patient, certain interventions are performed during operations. However, the type of intervention depends on the patient’s needs and his/her disease pathology. For instance, intra-articular injections and nerve blocks are used for joint pains, neurolytic procedures and sympathetic blocks for cancer, intralaminar midline epidural and intradiscal procedures for neck pain while lumbar sympathetic block and facet joint injection for a backache.

Whatever kind of pain you may have, experts at Ashirvad clinic have some sort of therapeutic treatment for it. Therapists at Ashirvad Mumbai follow a proven and effective holistic pain management approach without any side effects.