Want to spend an exotic Holiday with your family? Della Resort is must to explore

Every day is a busy day for any family with each member burdened with their own responsibilities and challenges. This makes stealing a few moments together as a family more and more difficult with each passing day. Being a family, sitting down with the people who mean the world to you is becoming a rare luxury. So, when it comes to enjoying family vacations together with your loved ones, compromising on anything is out of the question.

For those who wish to spend an exotic holiday with their family, Della resorts offer the perfect blend of luxury and grit, thrill and relaxation, adrenaline and food.

At Della Resorts, you can be sure there is something to do and something to enjoy for every member of your family, be it the elderly you believe need to have a moment of luxurious pampering to truly sit back and relax while basking in the enigma of the nature or be it those tiny packets of energy who need to let loose and enjoy their time, screaming their hearts out in exhilaration.

Della Resorts is perhaps one of the best luxury resorts near Mumbai. Here, there is no end to exploration and the more you explore, the more you discover. Some of the top attractions for families that visit our resort are mentioned below.

Hospitality redefined: Our exhaustive catalogue of suites, rooms, villas, camps, etc., is knitted together by our aim of providing you with comfort, services and amenities that pushes the boundary of luxury further with each moment. Impeccable service at your beck and call, world-class amenities, mesmerizing views of nature and our adventure park, all makes our resorts, rooms and villas the next step of evolution when it comes to hospitality. From our epitome of luxury in the Presidential suite to the stunning views of the sapphire blue water in our resort to the air-conditioned tents at the crest of the rolling, green hills, you will definitely find the right abode you desire during your stay with us.

Distinct Culinary Experience: Della Resorts is more than just one of the best overnight picnic spots near Mumbai for family . Besides world class hospitality and lodging experience, with us, you will get a unique culinary experience suited for all members of your family. From more casual delicacies to a rich, fine dining experience, our five gourmet restaurants and exciting lounge bars cover it all. Indulge yourself in all that tantalizes you and choose from a never ending menu of Indian cuisine, oriental dishes, sweet delicacies and the best of the sommelier’s choices.

24 Hour Hub: When it comes to your precious few amount of free time in the form of family vacations, we believe not a moment should be wasted. Our 24 Hour Hub strives to provide you with something worthwhile to enjoy and do even when the sun goes down. Let our experts pamper you in our premier spa, refresh yourself by taking a midnight swim in our pool, gives yourself a rejuvenating workout in our well-equipped gym, treat the shopaholic in you in our souvenir shop or satisfy that hunger pang with our ever open restaurants and lounges, all without ever looking at a clock. At Della, we never put a stopwatch on the luxury and the fun.

Adventures and Activities: The India’s Largest Extreme Adventure Park, Della adventure offers a huge range of activities that you can choose from. While the adrenaline fueled adventure sports might call to the young adult with you, Paintball, Archery, Roller Zorb and many more are things every member of your family can enjoy together. Our exhaustive range of activities ensures that no matter what the age group, there is no shortage of thrilling activities and fun things to do.

At Della Resorts, it is our constant endeavor to upgrade ourselves to provide you with services and amenities that takes luxury to a whole new level and redefines a perfect getaway for you and for your family.