A Netflix series about a junkie that is a sex and love addict.

Let’s be honest here, Mickey is a 30 years old messed up girl. Her character is first presented to us as a drug and alcohol addict having a pretty hard time to get out of it, even though she is «kinda» trying. Her previous relationships had not been a huge success, as there was always a lot of cheating involved. And then BOOM, she meets with this funny looking, weird and nice guy: Gus.
Don’t lie to yourself, this IS another love story. Really, it is. Even though this story shows its public a different point of view of what we would call a «normal» relationship. In the season 2 of LOVE, Mickey goes in S.L.A.A meetings (Sex and Love Addict, Anonymous). After saying to Gus she had to take a break for a year and be alone, she realizes very fast that this might be, for once in her life, a good relationship. She decides to be honest to him and they give it a shot.

Now, put yourself in Gus’s position for a minute. You are barely starting a relationship and your partner admits to you that she is a love and sex addict. Mickey decides to be honest with Gus and tells him about it on the last episode of the first season.

Without pretending I am a specialist when it comes to love, I must say it must be very difficult to have a relationship with a person like Mickey. Not only does she have a «fucked up» past and personal issues, she is also a very direct and impulsive person. I don’t know about you, but I do not think Gus signed up for that kind of relationship when he first met Mickey… But so what, right? You get attached to the other person and love every single bit of her, even if it hurts at times. They both have very different personalities and vision of things, but they sure seem to cope with it. They are really trying to make this work out, because they care for each other. This is for me one good definition of what love might be all about.

Mickey is juggling between her own problems and this relationship that is, for once, good for her. Meanwhile, we understand better how everyone’s personal experiences can affect their behavior throughout their lives. LOVE shows us everything that could make a relationship mess up. It is, what we would call, an «anti-romantic comedy». In the end, that’s what it is: a beautiful, angry and impulsive, but very sensible girl dating that nice, clumsy, not so great looking guy. I feel like it shows how opposites are attracted to each other, but sometimes it makes it hard to actually make a long term relationship work.

At the end of the second season, Gus goes away for 25 days of work. Mickey tells him she has a hard time with long distance relationships, but they seem like doing pretty well, until she feels more and more lonely. This is a great example of what her love and sex addiction looks like. In fact, she goes to see her ex with whom she spends a lot of time and with whom she will also sleep with. As soon as Gus comes back, she feels bad and end things with her ex. This is just the right example of Mickey really trying, but still struggling with her issues. This is what is hard for their relationship, because this will really hurt Gus… if he ever finds out! Between me and you, we know he’ll find out and be very hurt and feel betrayed. What we do not know, is if he will be able to forgive her and being understanding of her addiction?

While LOVE shows us a different side of what love is, it also gives us a sneak peak in what the life of a love, drug and sex addict can be like. Love DOES make us go crazy. Relationships aren’t meant to be perfect.