ZPER’s Started Both Technology and Service Developments with PoC for Blockchain-based P2P Investment

As of December, ZPER, a decentralized P2P(peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem, has drawn incredible attentions from the public in South Korea, as it has competed both technological and service developments of a PoC(Proof-of-Concept) version for ZPERobo platform — a blockchain-based P2P portfolio Investment service launching in the first half of 2019.

On the end of December 2018, ZPER announced in a press release that the project team successfully developed a PoC test version, ZPERobo Closed Beta Test, and is going to operate on 25 this month its PoC test with over 15 corporations of major P2P financial service providers, including FUNDA, Together Funding and others, in South Korea.

A proof of concept (PoC) is a prototype or equivalent process that is designed on the purpose of whether a new technical and logistical models of a certain business products or service can interfere with success in the public or not.

As a P2P financial alliance platform based upon blockchain technology, ZPER provides a ‘distributed investment solution’ to coalesce all kinds of financial products(bonds), launched by many different P2P financial companies or relevant service providers, and diversely provides them on a new fund-type product of “union portfolio” which is customized for each investor.

More importantly, as each portfolio is customized on expert analysis of Robo-Advisor companies or financial specialists, the ZPER platform provides nothing but only safe P2P products with reliable and reasonable trade opportunities, minimizing any risk in investing that may be concerned from any change in internal or external financial environment. In another word, this reformed financial platform helps steer any investor out of investment crisis.

In the ZPER platform, more than 20 major P2P financial corporations, mostly lead the outstanding growths of P2P financial markets in South Korea and China, have joined as ZPER alliance (P2P product providers). Moreover, many different leading companies in various industiries, such as blockchain, platform technology real estate, insurance and security, are currently participating in the platform as data provider or technological partners.

The ZPER team has recently completed a development for ‘ZPERobo Closed Beta’, a demonstration version of the platform’s main financial service ZPERobo this month. JB Kim, a chief executive officer of ZPER, said in a press interview that the team will start operation a validation test of the ZPERobo pre-version with over 15 major companies in the South Korea’s P2P industry, including FUNDA, TOGETHER Funding. The PoC test is expected to take 90 days until next March 2019, and will re-announce its result through major media all over the globe then.

During the PoC operation, each of ZPER alliance-participating companies will stake their own ZPER tokens(ZPR, ZPER’s P2P cryptocurrency) as a platform deposit and opens their P2P lending products under the platform. Then, ZPER will compose and release every companies’ P2P products in a diverse array of portfolio packages in the form of fund, analyzing and re-organizing each product with Robo-Advisor(RA) enterprises and financial experts on specific data-based analysis and relevant evaluation. ZPER will circulate its own fund for the PoC (pilot investments).

ZPER Token(ZPR) is a P2P cryptocurrency issued by the ZPER platform earlier this year. Every P2P lending companies, seeking to join the ZPER platform, should take on the role of ZPR holders, buying and retaining ZPER tokens for various attendance fees of such deposit, appropriation funds or other relevant margins. The alliance participant companies, in accordance with the paid amount of ZPR, would be differentially invested and collected funds on the platform from the public; the more ZPR a company deposits, the larger funds it will be funded on the ZPER platform.

“Giving people more diverse options of P2P service such as portfolio funds, the ZPER platform is upgrading the convenience and stability of investment” Kim said during an interview last week. In addition, he also commented “this new platform will resolve the two issues in P2P financial investing today: non-performing loans and investment bounds limited.”

Another ZPER’s board member added over Kim’s comment, saying “the ZPER, during the PoC operation, is aimed to verify the legitimacy and the possibility of success on the new platform service of diversified (distributed0 investment, the P2P portfolio financial service.”

Another point ZPER can verify during this PoC is the range of blockchain technology usage.

The ZPER platform utilizes two blockchain networks: a public blockchain and a consortium blockchain. Through the public blockchain, investors can view product(investing) information and various data such as borrower’s payback history and bond management. In the consortium blockchain, sensitive information such as personal information is stored and managed to resolve privacy issues. In the future, the public blockchain is also planning to provide solutions directly to each P2P alliance vendor(s) or to provide SDK (Software Development Kits) to developers.

On top of them, ZPER’s Smart Contract functions and plays as various roles, obligations and rights among platform participants. As the investment contract becomes effective, funds are directly an automatically transferred between investment and repaymen. Relevant interdependence of obligations and rights are also automatically achieved.

Kim said, “As a decentralization platform transparently opening transaction details of each P2P company and investor through a blockchain, we record each investment result in the platform thoroughly on the blockchain network.” And he added too “We will be able to build an open infrastructure of trust for investors.”

Through this PoC period, ZPER will verify the stability and security of the P2P Joint Investment Model and apply transparent and systematic service commercialization and stability to the ZPERobo platform service (which will be launched in the first half of 2019). Through this, ZPER will build a financial ecosystem that will attract more domestic and foreign major P2P companies and provide more wide-ranging investment opportunities.

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