Getting Mautic co-operating with Zapier

Update: This is no longer working and ongoing development has been taken over by the Mautic core development team. See the forums for more info

If you have come across or used Zapier you probably realise that it is pretty darn powerful and very quickly you can build a whole ecosystem of different apps that work together. One of those apps is Mautic a free marketing automation system that is rapidly catching up to the big boys in the marketing automation area.

To get start go have a look at

I’m going to go through how to setup and Zapier together, the process is nearly identical for if you self-host Mautic as is how we at Sprout Labs use it.

  1. Signup for an account or get it setup on your own hosting
  2. Enable the API, along with OAuth V2 (under Configuration on the right side of the page)

3. After saving you should now have a API Credentials menu right near were you found Configuration. Press the New button to create a new API connection

4. Select OAuth 2, give the connection a new and then copy in the Zapier Callback URI as following,

It should end up looking like this

A bit of a warning about the callback URI; sadly this sometimes and regularly does change so if you are having problems go have a look at forum thread on here as that wil have the up-to-date details.

5. Now is the time to jump into Zapier. As the Mautic app is still invite only you will need to use THIS link, once again this changes so have a look at the forum post if you are running into walls.

6. Now that you have accepted the invite and have access to the Mautic Zapier app, it is time to test it out.

7. Press the Make a new zap button on your dashboard.

8. For this example I’m going to setup a zap that puts any new leads that have a first name and last name in Mautic into Trello as a card just as an example.

9. Get started by selecting the Mautic app as the trigger app

10. Now on this next screen there is a bunch of specific triggers, these all exists as we have had a need for them but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will as well. I’m going to select the New lead with basic info trigger

11. Now comes the difficult part, getting Mautic connected to Zapier. On the next panel select Connect a New Account and a popup will open

The URL needs to match that of your website, so for this example I have a Mautic instance setup at . You need to include the http:// or https:// which ever is relevant for your website and exclude the forward slash at the end of the URL

For the public and secret key we are going to jump back into Mautic and copy out the keys generated by Mautic as below

You should now have something in the Zapier popup that looks like the following. If the keys and URL match IT WILL NOT WORK, YOU MUST USE YOUR OWN.

12. On the next panel login with your Mautic login details and then press the Accept button on the panel that follows.

Now Mautic is linked up with Zapier, you should only have to do this once as Zapier does all the work of keeping the linkage working.

13. Time to jump back to Mautic and create a new lead with a first name, last name and an email, it doesn’t matter if the values are correct the fields just need to be filled.

14. Hopefully in Zapier you get a panel that looks like the below, if it doesn’t have a go creating another lead and letting Zapier search for it again.

15. That is the Mautic side setup so now I’m going to skip over most of the Trello side until we get to the key parts.

16. Now we are onto the linking of the data part. Next to the fields is the icon boxed in red below, this gives you access to all the data that Mautic has sent through, Mautic sends through a bunch of stuff you probably don’t need for search is probably your friend (someday I will scrub the data to make it more user friendly).

17. Go ahead and setup the rest as you need and then eventaully you can test out the result. For me I got a card in Trello like the below

That should be able to get most people going. If you have any problems jump onto the Mautic forums and add a reply to THIS post. Please if you are asking for help give some details like a screenshot, at what stage of the process it isn’t working, what trigger or action you are using and whether you are using your own hosting