Meek vs. Drake

The beef between rappers Meek Mill and Drake has escalated, and to an extent ruined a career. The altercations and diss tracks between each popular and famous rapper have become a big topic of discussion in today’s media as well as the world of hip-hop music. Meek Mill, a Philadelphia based rapper, has had a successful career unitl just recently of the summer of 2015. Drake, a Toronto based rapper has always had a successful career and is the main reason Meek Mill’s career has been abruptly ended. The beef between these rappers came to life when Meek Mill called out Drake on Twitter, and tweeted to millions of followers and fans to no compare him to Drake. He goes on and disses Drake by saying that his raps arent his own, and he does not write any of his own lyrics, which is taking a big shot on Drake’s career.

In the rap game, this tweet exemplifies Meek Mill’s statement as fighting words, and Drake takes this as fighting words and goes on to write a diss song towards Meek Mill. A Cuepoint blog displays the beef between the rappers and states that Drake didn’t take Meek Mill down on his own. That the media played a big role in the fall of the popular MMG records rapper Meek Mill. When Drake posted his original diss track towards Meek Mil, the media was astonished and were already siding with Drake after the brilliant track that was released. The blog post also inquires that the amount of time it took Drake to fire back was way too long. The picture of a skeleton sitting on a park bench was passed around in the social media world and soon became popular. This skeleton represented that Meek Mill took too long to produce a counter to Drake’s diss track, resulting in the loss of the rap battle and beef. When it was all said and done, it seemed as if Meek Mill had been wiped off the face of the Earth for losing the rap battle. His career suffered and he lost many fans. Looking back, the summer of 2015 was a rough one for rapper Meek Mill.