Themes in Rap Songs

Most rappers in today’s society tend to speak on the general topic of money and materialism. The idea these rappers prouduce music with oriented around materialism can come from their success. Many rappers who are successful like to show off their possessions, and prove to the American community that they have recieved their long wanted paychecks. When you look at many successful and wealthy rappers they almost all tend to come from poor and low income families with very little. Now that they have moved up and have risen to the upper class in wealth, they find it necessary to produce lyrics that show that. The overall viewpoint on these rappers is that they are materialistic, and only care about money. It just seems that way because their music revolves around those kind of lyrics, when they are simply writing about their success that has occured in the rap game. Such as Gucci he grew up in the hood and had a hard life. Now he is one of the most famous rappers in the industry. In his song “Making Love to the Money” he raps about making money and the money sticks with him and satisfies him.

Hip Hop music is portrayed in many aspects and viewpoints by the general public and music enthusiests. The opinion of many people on current hip-hop and rap music is that rappers fill their songs with meaningless lyrics combined with excessive profanity. The outlook on this opinion is formed by hearing songs that only consist of lyrics that refer to one’s money, expensive cars, mansions that they live in. People believe that this type of music is terrible and often wonder how any of these artists even have fans or sell out their concerts. The opposing opinion to that the music is meaningless, is that it is a chance for the artist to portray how they live a different life than before they became wealthy. The idea is that these rappers present their lifestyle in present times compared to the lifestyle they lived when they had nothing, or were growing up.

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