Introducing the team and the festival

DAY 01 // 20–10–17

Zürich meets Hong Kong — A Festival Of Two Cities is part of a global celebration series connecting Zurich with the other cities in the world in productive dialogue. In 2017, the festival arrives in Hong Kong, one of the most attractive and cosmopolitan metropolis in Asia.
Zürich meets Hong Kong presents the arts & culture, science & technology, and food & lifestyle of Zurich and Hong Kong, featuring a series of spectacles in different venues. Activities range from exhibitions, concerts, performances, workshops, academic conferences, and dialogue between city administrations. (

Eleven students of Cast /Audiovisual Media reported about the festival on social media. They were supported by two alumni from the School of Creative Media in Hong Kong, recommended by professor Harald Krämer. For ten days the team was responsible for the content on the festival’s Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account, covering a total of over 40 festival events. The general hashtag for social media conversations was #zurichmeetshongkong, on Instagram as well as on Twitter. #zhmeetshk and #findzurich were also used.

This medium page provides an overview of most of the contributions of the students (Instagram Stories are not documentend yet).

Day 2 / 21–10–17: Introducing the Böögg
Day 3 / 22–10–17: Festival Hub / Audiophile Salon / Swiss Design Market
Day 4 / 23–10–17: Official Celebration / Telematic Concert / Augmented Reality
Day 5 / 24–10–17: Ocean park / Healthy Aging / Official Celebration / Connecting Spaces
Day 6 / 25–10–17: News from the Böögg / Unmanned Aviation / Gala Dinner / Healthy Aging
Day 7 / 26–10–17: Brandy Butler and the Brokenhearted meets Chochukmo and Shotgun Politics / Who is the Böögg? / A Virtual and Augmented Experience from Zurich
Day 8 / 27–10–17: Hou Goa Yeah! Party / Coffee Event / Politics of Space / Alien
Day 9 / 28–10–17: One Table Two Chairs / Dark Star / Mobility and Energy Systems in Smart Cities
Day 10 / 29–10–17: Zurich meets Hong Kong in a nutshell / Behind the scenes / Winner Announcement

With the first post the students announced their invasion in Hong Kong and the take over of the channels. To introduce themselves to the Hong Kong audience they created and posted the following video.

On the day before the actual start of the festival, the organisers held a press event. The students covered that event with a beautiful photo story that was spread on all social media channels.

The public audience could get a first glimpse of the Festival Hub on Twitter. Here a some of the tweets.

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