Introducing the Böögg

DAY 02 // 21-10-17

The general idea of the social media campaign was build around the Böögg, a snowman figure that is very popular in Zurich. There is a holiday in Zurich on which the end of winter is celebrated. A large Bögg doll, prepared with fireworks, is burned at a square. People believe that the faster the Böögg explodes, the better the summer becomes. The name Böögg is probably related to the word “bogeyman”.

Anyway, in this case the Böögg was not a bogeyman, but a sympathetic Ambassador of a specific Zurich culture in form of a cuddly toy. It was placed at several venues of the festival so visitors could make selfies with the Böögg and post them to a facebook page with the chance to win a trip to Zurich and other prices.

The Böögg and the competition were introduced with this video.

The Böögg also played a leading role in the daily “WhatsUp” videos. In a short animated WhatsApp conversation with the Böögg, the visitors were informed about the programme highlights of the day. This idea was intended to make the Böögg appear more lively and inform the audience in an entertaining way.

Besides the first event was covered. Two students reported live from the Jockey Club Street Music Series where two Hong Kong acts and two Swiss acts performed. The video gave a short impression of the preparations for the concert and of the idea of the street music festival.

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