For the Detroit Lions, brand image plays a critical part in the success of their business. Granted, the Lions are a professional sports team so the concrete success of their franchise obviously relies heavily on their win percentage on the field. However, lucrative business campaigns off the field are what separate good sports teams from great sports teams. Professional sports teams and other companies around the world today have many tools at hand to create these meaningful and engaging business operations. Digital marketing today is at the forefront of these efforts so that fans and customers have an easy way to engage and express their brand loyalty.

The goal of digital marketing is to reach consumers via all forms of digital media. It is important for businesses to implement digital marketing into their campaigns not only since digital media is a rapidly growing field but also because it is the future. Older generations will soon forget about newspapers, books and traditional TV and welcome a new era of digital consumption through phones, tablets and laptops. There are many different areas in digital marketing all holding unique importance. Email, mobile and search engine optimization are just a few examples in an abundance of crucial sectors in digital marketing. However, social media is an area in which I would like to talk about specifically and how it pertains to the Detroit Lions.

In today’s world, social media is a difference maker for businesses. A strong social media presence for a business has been proven to increase brand loyalty and develop stronger relationships with customers. This is a recipe that pays dividends for organizations such as professional sports teams. The goal for a professional football team like the Detroit Lions is not only to win games but also to create a digital culture for their fans to engage in. After monitoring and researching their social media presence for an extended period of time, I have come to realize that they handle all of their social media accounts exceptionally well. I would now like to dive in to their accounts that exist on multiple social platforms, and identify my favorite ones and what I like specifically about each of them.

To start, I would like to identify one of their accounts that they use the most on a daily basis. Twitter is a global social platform, which allows users to quickly post what they are doing at any given time. For ordinary people, Twitter allows them to instantly share thoughts with friends and family and allows them to follow others. Businesses can utilize Twitter in the same way and they can also use it for the benefit of their company. The Detroit Lions use Twitter every single day for multiple purposes. They use it to update fans on games, injuries, promotions, merchandise/tickets and post every article written by the teams beat writers. As an example of a useful promotion, the Lions have teamed up with Papa Johns, so that if the Lions win a game anybody can use a promo code to get 50% off of a pizza. The Lions recently tweeted this out to their 1 million plus followers, so it is a win-win situation for both companies. All in all, I really like the use of Twitter for the Lions for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Instagram has become one of the most popular social platforms of today. This platform caters to people who love to communicate via sharing photos. On the surface, you wouldn’t think that this has any place for businesses. However, Instagram offers great return for companies such as professional sports teams because it allows fans to see a different perspective of the team. The Detroit Lions use this to post pictures of “behind the scenes” looks at practices and games of the players, while also promoting merchandise and anything related to the team. The Lions recently just got new uniforms so they promoted them heavily on Instagram given the photogenic qualities, and most likely got a great return on investment from the particular demographic of users on that platform.

Finally, I would like to discuss SnapChat and its effects it has on the Detroit Lions. SnapChat offers the most personal feel between the user and the Lions since it’s a first person look for everyone. The Lions SnapChat can be used for first person video of in-game activity and practice or anything surrounding the team. You truly feel like you are there when you are seeing content like this and that’s what I love so much about it. Team players can also take over the Lions account and post whatever they want which makes it even more exciting for a fan to watch. The players can answer questions or even give live updates, all while presenting themselves in first person form, which is really a unique experience for everyone.

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