Friday 10th September 2021


How was your week?

Today is Friday, the fifth working day of our apprenticeship in Greece as part of the project „European work experience in ZS No. 2 in Ostrzeszów” carried out by POWER funds on the basis of ErasmusPlus sector Education.

Our day began as usual. We woke up at 6:40 a.m., then had breakfast, got dressed, and headed out for apprenticeship which started at 9:00 a.m. Today was different than previous days because we had the opportunity to test our programming skills while building LEGO robots.

At 1pm we headed home, visiting a restaurant on the way back, where we ate a popular dish in Athens called souvlaki. At around 3pm we took the metro to the beach. The weather was good, so everyone had a chance to swim or sunbathe. After about 3 hours on the beach, we returned home, where traditional and delicious dinner was waiting for us. We used the free time after the dinner, to talk together while playing cards. During this day we learned many interesting things about programming robots and Greek culture.

Have you got any experience with LEGO robots?

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Jakub Matysiak