Thursday 9th September

Hey everybody!

I’m writing this post to share with you some of my observations during our work experience here in Athens.

The Greek culture is very different from our Polish culture. There is many things that may confuse us, for example if you wanna signal the “no” gesture you don’t turn your head to right and left, but you lift your head and smack lips.

Also Greek cuisine may be strange to us. Greeks in menu don’t have many meat dishes, especially during the hot season. They eat meat or fish only 3–4 times in a week. They eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, because them climate is very conducive to grow them. It would be very difficult to adapt to this diet for me.

My favorite Greek🇬🇷 food is souvlaki (gr. σουβλάκι), also known as gyros. This is “street food” served in pita bread. In pita bread are: sliced pork or chicken, vegetables, souce and fries are wrapped by pita bread. This resembles well known kebab in Poland 🇵🇱

Have you tried suvlaki? Which street food is your favourite?

Leave a comment on that.

Filip Michałczyk