Saturday 11th September and Sunday 12th September 2021

Hello! Guess what happened!

We visited sight form postcards, the famous landmark- Acropolis! Have a read!

The first week of foreign internships in Athens is behind us, full of learning, excursions and new experiences. We deepen our knowledge in the field of mechatronics and computer science. So far, we have dealt with robotics, CAD, Lego Mindstorms EV3, 3D printing.

The weekend was a time to actively relax by exploring further and closer corners of this ancient part of the world. On Saturday, we visited the Acropolis and climbed Mount Filopappou to admire the beautiful panorama of the city with a view of the mountains and the sea. Going down we visited the charming corner of Anafiotika, and the whole day ended on the Kalimaki beach.

Sunday was an eight-hour bus trip to Corinth, about 100 km away. On the way, there was a stop to visit the Corinthian canal connecting the Ionian Sea with the Aegean Sea. After seeing Corinth, we visited the Corinthian museum and climbing Mount Acrocorinth.

At the end, we had some free time in the coastal city of Loutraki and returned to our accommodation. The day ended with Greek grilling in a nice atmosphere.

We have another intensive week of learning and gaining new experiences ahead of us, which will be described soon.

Thanks for dropping by and reading this piece. Sound off!