TW: Rape

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Arguably the most important audience participation cult film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Sharman, 1975) developed a massive following surrounding its transgressive and hedonistic rituals and extreme dedication to a singular filmic object. Critically failing on release, the value of Jim Sharman’s musical horror film has aged like a fine wine.

As the temporal distance from the object increases, the merits and successes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show have only become more and more clear. This film has it all.

The horror/musical/comedy/camp film is an extreme mashup of genres that seemingly have nothing in common but work…

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The philosophy of the Lithuanian-Jewish thinker, Emmanuel Levinas, generally seems to be categorizable as a radical selfless-ness. When one encounters the Other, Levinas posits that one ought to drop the ego and offer everything to the Other.

Levinas suggests that one should not prioritize ontology over ethics, as the ethical is what really matters. To make this point known, Levinas had to deconstruct the philosophical systems of many acclaimed and brilliant philosophers. Heidegger and Buber were some of the main targets for Levinas, but the true assault would come later.

While Levinas may not have intended his misogynistic undertones at…

CW: Drugs, allusions to sexual assault, gore.


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Dangerous drugs, endless supplies of fake blood, murderous cults led by blonde folk musicians, too many moons, massive chainsaws, and Nicolas Cage. Mandy (Cosmatos, 2018) takes all of these wonderful tropes, shoves them into an 80s themed box, and slaps a ribbon of heavy metal on top. Mandy is a wholly unique take on the classic revenge thriller that shoves the viewer through a door, slams it shut, and swallows the key. This psychedelic film is incredibly immersive and has massive production value for the kind of story that it tells.

Zack Bermack

Filmmaker and Photographer based in New Jersey

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