Weird thing happens with my Nexus 5. Do you have any idea what’s going on?

Yesterday I was trying to put my phone on my Macbook Pro (Retina) to read its screen and enter an URL to my desktop’s browser. Well, I couldn’t.

My Nexus 5's screen started to behave weirdly, making it impossible to read the given URL.

As I put my phone near (a certain part of) my Macbook, the lock screen showed up and the screen turned off. After lifting my phone up from the Macbook, the screen turned on.

Today i tried it with another Nexus 5, and it did the same. Try it yourself as well, and let me know how it’s working.

Try to touch the give area of the phone to that are of your Macbook Pro (Retina)

I moved forward and tried to reproduce the phenomenon on a Macbook Air. It does the same, however i had to put my phone near a different area of the Macbook Air.

Around that area, my Nexus 5 started to flash also


  • My phone has stock Google ROM.
  • My screen’s Sleep settings is set to 30 mins (as you can see at the begging of the video).
  • I don’t press any of the buttons during the video.

I don’t blame Google or Apple, it’s just weird and I want to know why does it happen, if you know what kind of un-chemistry it is, let me know! ☺

Just started a Hacker News thread where you can get proper answers:

I’m running a startup, check: @grabready,; a maker of HPSTR. Also follow me on Twitter and Dribble.

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