It just sounds odd, like an editor who handles a very specific kind of health coverage, right?
What does a growth editor do?
Julia Haslanger

This is a great piece. Thanks for writing it. I don’t know if Quartz was the first news organization to use the term “growth editor,” but it was at least new to us when we went looking for one in summer 2014. Of course, plenty of people have played similar roles in lots of places for a while, but I do think the title matters. For us, it was meant to convey three principles, which come through pretty clearly in your interviews here:

  • It’s not just social media. A lot of it has to do with social media, but it’s also — mostly, even — editorial strategy.
  • It’s not just raw audience. The number of readers we reach is important, but we also care about which readers and how we reach them.
  • It’s important to be clear about goals. Growth is the company’s cardinal goal, so why not devote people to thinking about that at all times?

We now have a director of growth and three deputy growth editors in New York and London. 📈

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