User experience and its important factors

User experience is not a very common term among laymen, the word ‘user experience’ also encompasses ‘user centered design’. If you are a startup company then a good user experience is the key to making an everlasting first impression on the users. The definition of user experience in the dictionary is: “the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or a computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.” User experience is how a person feels while interacting with an application/website or any software. Below is a very interesting survey conducted for evaluating the bad mobile sites with poor user experience:

User experience includes the factors like aesthetics/design, utility, overall human interaction, accessibility, usability and accessibility. User experience is not the same thing as usability but usability is related to the user experience. User experience is diverse for everybody. Isn’t UX a designer issue? Creating and planning a wonderful user experience is everybody’s concern. From the first wireframe to the last design, how something works should be discussed always. So, it is just as much as the issue for a designer as it is for the CEO. Don’t assume what your users’ need, or what they require. Instead get close to your users. Converse with them, watch them use your item, get inside their heads and get some information about their choices. Your users and clients will teach you, so focus! Tune in, observe and question. . I read the 6 benefits of a good UX in an article:

The importance of user experience cannot be underestimated because a poor user-experience can decrease the rating of your application/website. The important steps which should be followed are: Get to know your audience types, interview potential users of the site, create wireframes and prototypes, create site maps and style guide. The most complex sites are the ones which deal with online sales. These sites need to have clear and easy to use navigation to have a good and secure shopping experience. Consider, it has been following the same pattern of UX for many years now. Without a compelling UX, products are probably going to fail in the IT industry. It truly is that straightforward.

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