What Does This Championship Really Mean?

Wow, congratulations to Kevin Durant, we all know that winners always have a way out.

Kevin Durant, the so-called player supposed to take down LeBron James, who, by the way, is still the King of the league. Kevin Durant, a seven-foot scoring machine, owns the ball on a string, shoots the lights out, and can score in a varierty of ways. Durant could have been the savior, the next king of the NBA but he took the easiest way out.

He’s a grown man, and has full right to play for any team he desires. But to join the team that just beat you is soft. The basketball world doesn’t care if you won, you bought yourself a ring. I could go to a CVS to buy a ring and call myself a champion. I might call myself Kevin Durant.

In the Western Conference finals a year ago, KD had the ability to lead the Oklahoma City past the Golden State Warriors, who had the best regular season ever. KD, you were up 3–1, you had all the momentum and then you collapsed. There were three straight winnable games you blew. You were there, it’s not like the Thunder weren’t a championship contender.

Choking happens all the time in sports and athletes lose all the time. But that doesn’t mean you jump ship to the team that beat you. If you persevered and stuck with the Thunder, the championship would have been fifty times more meaningful.

I mean if you can’t beat them join them, right?

Enjoy the championship enjoy the moment, but the basketball gods aren’t happy. You ruined competitive basketball for the next five years. If you re-sign, then you’re basically telling young children, don’t forge your own path, just join the best team possible so you win. This championship is tainted and should have a big asterisk next to your name.

It’s going to take four championships to equal one real championship. As soon as you verbally committed to the Warriors and the ink touched the contract, the whole league including the fans knew the Golden State Warriors were going to win. We didn’t need a crystal ball to see the future.

So long as you keep taking pay cuts you will win watered-down championships.

If you go back to Oklahoma City and deliver a championship all will be forgiven. But until it happens, keep slithering around.