Duracell Commercial: The Teddy Bear

Link: http://youtu.be/mQaeXWtvprM

This one minute and forty seconds long commercial presented the story of a dad who was in the military and his young daughter. Since the dad was a solider, unlike any other typical fathers, he was unable to spend time with his daughter. Therefore he bought her a Teddy Bear, which says “I love you baby girl” whenever she presses the button.

The emotional appeal used here is the need for affiliation since the teddy bear is a representation of the love between the father and the daughter. For example, the father expressed his love to the daughter through the recording of teddy bear, and the daughter also showed her love for him by replaying the recording over and over again. The role of the Duracell Battery is to protect this kind of family bond to continue. Going along with what the commercial said in the last few seconds: The ones you trust are always there. This means that we can trust our families, but we can trust Duracell as well because they are always there for us, which arguably suggested another emotion appeal called need for guidance.