Charging Your Body

How sun gazing, moon watching, and himalayan salt lamps can improve your overall wellness

Chase the Sun

The art of sun gazing was first introduced to me by my roommate. The concept is to chase that big bright guy in the sky during sunrise or sunset. (Yes, you literally are stalking the sun.) Those who have studied and mastered the practice deem it a useful tool for tapping into your human potential. And in this era, where millennials lead creative and fruitful lives, we could definitely use some sun gazing.

So how do you do it?

Most sources advise that you move at your own pace, and a slow one at that. Listen to your body when gazing at the sun. If it’s too straining on the eyes, stop the practice immediately. It’s best to gaze while the sun is low on the horizon to minimize the intensity of the rays. Which is why sunrise or sunset are the best times to gaze. What you want to do is stand barefoot, preferably on sand, gravel, mud, or bare earth (avoid grass, for it absorbs the sun’s energy).

Once your feet are firmly planted on the ground, relax your body and hush that day’s worries. It is very important to calm the mind and connect to the moment, how you would during yoga or meditation practices. Finally, look directly at the sun for only ten seconds (after 3–7 seconds your eyes should adjust to the light).

Repeat this practice each day you can make time until you’ve reached 44 minutes. In which you will be ‘fully charged.’ Apparently three months into the nine month process, you might even begin to see the world in a different light.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

So you’ve got your positive ions and your negative ions. But just like everything in science, things aren’t what they seem. Positive ions are informally known as electronic smog. So our television sets, smartphones, computers, gaming devices and tablets are all sources of positive ions. Which we’ve come to understand are harmful to our mental health.

Negative ions however, develop in natural settings (like waterfalls, larger bodies of water and forests). The ions flow oxygen to the brain, promoting increased energy and mental clarity.

So what do himalayan salt lamps have to do with all of this? The salt comes from ancient oceans, and when the bulb inside the salt rock generates heat, the lamp emits negative ions. These lamps are positive ion zappers. Best described as water thrown on fire, neutralizing and therefore extinguishing our mental health problems. They also kill the harmful effects of electronic smog.

Other Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

  • Decreased migraines and headaches
  • Helps with arthritis
  • Help with respiratory problems (such as the common cold)
  • Combats mental and stress disorders
  • Helps insomnia
  • Decreases allergies and skin conditions

I suggest resting your hands and feet on a himalayan salt lamp for several seconds at a time. The internal feeling and spiritual awakening is indescribable.

Full Moon Charging

My sun sign being in Cancer, I’ve always felt connected to the moon. Even more so being a woman and having much of the female spiritual cycles tied to the moon’s monthly phases.

This year we’ve experienced the Blood Moon, Summer Solstice, and more recently the Harvest Moon. These full moons signified empowerment, change, new beginnings, and sparked creative movements universally. In knowing that, I realized how many people around me were moving cross country or continents, starting creative, innovative projects, or were turning a new leaf in their life. 2016 has felt like one big spring cleaning. Especially for women due to our connection to the moon. Look around you and count the many ventures those around you have started this year. I myself went through mountainous changes.

I only began moon watching this year, but have reaped several manifestations from the act. I’ve felt spiritually more connected to nature and Earth’s bearings. Oddly I can even sense a new moon’s rise, when I never could before. And moon gazing energizes the creative, more daring part of my mind. Maybe that freaky new moon myth is true, because all of a sudden I’m flooded with ideas and a healthy sense of fearlessness. So if you’re looking for free inspiration, gaze at your next full moon.