Get the best quality Syntans from Zsivira Chemie park private limited

SYNTANS also was known as synthetic tanning agents are used in the various stages of the leather production. It is essential to manufacture Syntans using the best quality material to achieve the desired outcome. The traditional method of preparing Syntans had only restricted features; however, with the improvement in the technology-enhanced methods were implemented to get the best quality Syntans. Zsivira, one of the leading manufacturers of the best quality leather chemical, provides Syntans. Different varieties of Syntans are supported by Zsivira; some of them are Phenolic Syntans, Amphoteric Syntans, Polymeric Syntans, Sulfone Based Syntans, Polypeptide Syntans, and Polyaldehyde Syntans.

Uses and benefits of Syntans:

The Syntans manufactured by Zsivira had the necessary ingredients which can effectively cater any specific applications. There are multiple varieties of Syntans produced by Zsivira which completely satisfies the need of tanners. Zsivira ensures that the quality is never compromised and hence makes sure to implement a stringent quality check process at each stage of production so that the end product is spotless. It complies with the international standard of quality.

Zsivira also provides personalized Syntans which are delivered according to the need and the requirement of the client. The Syntans are used in enhancements of various products such as gloves, garments, shoes, and upholstery. Some of the best highlights of Syntans are that it helps to improve the chemical, physical and antimicrobial properties of leather. It is to be noted that some of the best Syntans from Zsivira is used to substitute or supplement natural vegetable tannins. It is important to use Syntans for tanning as the leather obtained from the animal has to be properly cleaned and processed to make it usable, reliable, and durable for a long period of time. Thanks to Zsivira, their enhanced technology has helped to provide the best Syntans for leather production.

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