There’s more to design than just making things look good

Designers are problem solvers. Whether we’re working on an illustration, website, app, video, or any other field of design, our goal is to create a beneficial experience for people. Though beautiful visuals play a key role in the creation of this experience, it’s a bit more complex than that. We need to truly understand what we’re designing, who we’re designing it for, and think through the details with these things in mind. We need to design intentionally. Buckle up — below are some tips I’ve found to help in this process.

Slow That Brain Down

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We all have biases and expectations for how things…

I use Slack every day for clubs and organizations on campus. Overall, I love the platform; I think that it does a tremendous job of giving workspace owners and users inscredible customization for each chat and workspace. With that said, I am not a fan of the current method for signing into new workspaces or Slack applications, so I used the opportunity of a design challenge for a UX internship to create a new sign-in method.

Signing In

Currently, when signing into a new Slack workspace, a user must create a new account by entering an email and password.

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As you can…

Zach Johnson

Lead Designer at BoilerMake || Former UI design intern at Aetna Digital || Computer Science, Art & Design, and Entrepreneurship student at Purdue

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