She stepped carefully on the dewy grass. It was chillier than she expected, but it felt nice against her skin. She continued forward one small step at a time until she got used to the cold against her feet. It was horrible and she wished she could get away from it all.

It was eerily quiet and empty in this meadow. The only sounds she heard was the wind whistling gently against her ear and her own breathing. The cold crept up against her skin, making her shiver. She had to leave, she couldn’t stay here.

So she kept moving onward. There was nowhere else to go and the movement gave her some warmness in this terrible cold.

“Remember…” she heard a soft voice in her ear, but there was no one around her. She tried to not be frightened by this place, but she couldn’t help but wonder what the voice meant.

“Remember” she repeated calmly, tasting the word in her mouth. A sudden flash appeared in front of her eyes, blinding her. She heard some screams, but none was hers. She could feel her heartbeat pacing up, fluttering like a butterfly. But she didn’t feel frightened.

“Remember…” she heard the voice again. Now she understood.

She looked around her and saw that it started to snow. It was marvellous; tiny specs of crystal-like flakes falling so softly as leaves in autumn. The light reflected from them shined bright like millions of diamonds. It was beautiful.

The snow cleansed her from her past, washing it all away, making her born anew. The chill entered her mind for good, taking over her. Without her thoughts, feelings and worries she was finally at rest.

She was at peace evermore.

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