10 Things I Learned From Taking Over 100 Usability Tests
Charles Liu

People run all kinds of nonsense tests on Usability Hub. Let me share two of my favorites :)

How am I supposed to imagine that I manage retirement plan for a large company??

Or check out this one

Which design would make me shop more healthily? Seriously? How should I know that? :D :D

By the way I also came up with some clever uses of UsabilityHub, particularly the five second tests:

  • Value proposition: does it come through within 5 seconds?
  • Logo design: does the symbol tell the story?
  • First impressions: what are the first words that come into people’s mind when they open your page?

Read 4 uses of UsabilityHub 5 second tests here: http://uxstudio.hu/ux-blog/fine-tuning-first-impressions-with-5-second-tests/


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