Who Am I

1. Story in my life

A day in the life of a lucky procrastinator

Five days until the audition, receive music to practice, go home, sleep. Four days until the audition, music is sitting on the kitchen table, go to hang out with friends, sleep. Three days until the audition, playing video games and watching YouTube, sleep. Two days until the audition, mother reminds me to keep practicing music, move music from table to nightstand, sleep. One day until audition, looks at music on nightstand, falls back asleep. Day of audition, goes in, comes out, got the part.

2a. What I spend my time doing outside of school

2b. What I worry most about in life

Why do I fear bears you may ask? Well let me tell you, Bears can run at 30 miles per hour and Brookfield Zoo is 30 miles away. That means a bear can be outside my door in an hour. Why would a bear be here? Because bears smell fear and I fear them.

3. Song that inspires me

Martin O’Donnell- Never Forget: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CeCnAcT6yjY

4. 9:00p.m. Friday night

In my room building furniture while the S.O. watches

5. People who inspire me

5a. Markplier

Mark is someone who inspires me because he is one of my favorite you tubers and I have a strong connection with you tube. He has also done so much for the community with both helping people first hand to charity work in in numerous amounts.

5b. My dad and his business partner

I couldn’t get a pic of both of them for anonymity reasons but my dad and his business partner inspire me because they started a YouTube channel from the bottom and they worked their way to one of the most popular channels on YouTube and that kind of drive and teamwork they have inspires me.

5c. My other half

Lastly the one who inspires me most is my girlfriend Violet. I know it’s cheesy and cliche to have your significant other as one of these but she really brings out the best in me and gives me the drive to carry on, I don’t know what I’d do without her

6. Inspiring quote

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future”-Adolf Hitler
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