I don’t blame anyone for anything…that’s just ridiculous.
Amber Lisa

Again I will ask you to provide your ‘data’ to back up your claim that there is systematic racism ‘today’. Not 200 years ago, not 100 years ago, not during the Roman times, “today”! You haven’t done it and I have asked you. I do, however, agree with you on the “systematic classism — and one way to keep all kinds of people trapped in a very low class is keeping them super distracted with all this systematic bull — that they never pay attention to their own oppression”. Now ask yourself who is always putting people into “classism”? Who is always putting people into groups and “keeping them super distracted with all this systematic bull- that they never pay attention to” and “oppressing” them. I can tell you the answer to that. The party starts with “D” but I’m sure you will not agree. Anyways, you failed to answer many of the questions that I did pose to you, such as ‘are the thousand of black law enforcement officers we have ‘today’ “racist”? Where ‘today’ is there lynching, throwing black babies into alligator water….? and all the other question I asked. I’ll be waiting. Lastly I don’t see how you can “open minds” when you do not provide anything to back up your claim. In order to “open minds” you need data, facts, evidence to support your claim. The only thing you continue to provide is an overview of ‘past history’ from long ago which you like to call the “Big Picture”, and I already stated that can be read in a history book. We are disusing “today”!

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