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And here is your reply to your obviously ignorant comment. We are not talking about “bigotry” and my comment is not bigoted but based on ‘history’. Only a liberal ignorant fool willfully blind to what is going on in the world ‘today’ would come up with such a comment in an attempt to ‘justify’ Radical Islamic Terrorism “TODAY”! We are not talking about the 1478 “Spanish Inquisitions” of which you, I and no one else today was even there, are we fruitcake? We are talking about “today” the 21st Century. And your reply seems to only be directed at Christians. What about the “others”? How about the Children, Women, LGBT and the other Muslims that Radical Islam is also slaughtering “TODAY” because they do not adhere to the Radical Islamic Extremists interpretation? Pull your head out of your liberal blind ass. I’ll take the word from Raheel Raza, herself a Muslim. However, she is not a “Radical” Muslim!

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