Hi Z Man
Beth Martinez

Beth I know you were referring to Hillary’s statement against me and the other half of the nation calling US “deplorables”, that was obvious. “[You] do not think that Trump supporters are any of the things [I] said”?? What did I say about Trump supporters? I don’t remember saying anything about Trump supporters. Yes there have been some actions of ‘some’ Trump supporters that was “unjustified” but you do know we learned that the Hillary campaign deliberately sent her supporters to the Trump rallies with orders to cause disruption and instigate discourse. You asked if I could “get behind” Trump. Well yes, I did. I voted for him for very good reasons all of which I’ll provide to you. I of course voted for Cruz during the primaries but Cruz didn’t make it to the General election and there is no way on this planet I would ever support Hillary for obvious reasons. For all of the “anti” anything you claim Trump said from his mouth, which I’ll admit he said some bad stuff, you do know Hillary has done many of those same things over her long “career” in politics right? Hillary has been “anti semitism”, She has “name called”, Hillary has “shamed & degraded” women, and Hillary has, in my personal opinion shamed and degraded the LGBT community with her acceptance of Millions of dollars from countries with anti-LGBT laws. I see Trump as a ‘produce’ of what the left has been calling for for decades. So here is why I supported Trump and not Hillary. Trump DID apologize for how he “Talked” on the 2005 tape which was “predictably” released by the Democrats to push a falls narrative that Trump sexually assaulted women. And just what is an ‘allegation’? Answer, words without evidence and we witnessed this same tactic from the left before! The ‘media’ is so biased they completely ignore all the “allegations” from women against Bill Clinton and the ‘fact’ that Hillary denigrated and ‘silenced’ every woman that was going to come forward with it. Everyone knows Hillary and Bill is a “pair”, so electing Hillary is electing Bill again. Hillary did say she was going to put Bill in charge of the economy after all. And Hillary again lied about Bill’s “surplus” during the debate. There was never a “surplus” and the US Treasure Department records clearly show that. Each year under Bill we had a ‘deficit’ not a “surplus”. There cannot be a “surplus” when the government spends more money than they have and end up with a ‘deficit’ each year. But the left continue pushing that lie and the ‘media’ goes right along with it. The ‘media’ and Democrats did this same tactic of ‘magically’ bringing up sexual allegations against a Republican candidate in 2011 named Hermann Cain (Remember him?). What happened to those allegations and the women when Cain dropped out? They all “magically” disappeared. So of course this was “predictable” from the left again to use it against Trump. The ‘media’ and Democrats do not want to bring up the horrid treatment of ‘women’ that Hillary did because that doesn’t make her look good in the eyes of the women today. They do not want people to know Hillary’s past record. But it’s easy to look up if they would do it. If the ‘media’ would actually do their jobs more people would know about the women Bill Clinton sexually abused and Hillary denigrated and ‘silenced’ because of their “class”? (For goodness sakes Monica Lewinsky DID give Bill a BJ in the Oval Office of the White House while he was President, so that is at least sexual misconduct of the President. And what did Bill have to say about that… “I did not have sexual relationships with that woman” and of course that is a lie because we all know oral sex is part of having a sexual relationship and years later Bill finally admitted to it). There were so many women bringing up sexual allegations against Bill that the Clinton Campaign created a unit called “the Bimbo Eruptions Unit” to deal with them. Hillary Clinton was in charge of the Bimbo Eruptions Unit and its purpose was to destroy, to discredit, to malign, to impugn every woman with whom Bill Clinton had an affair who wanted to go public with it. Even liberals Katie Couric and Maureen Dowd admitted it on her show the other week. They even revived James Carville’s (Clinton Campaign, 1992) line “You drag a dollar bill through a trailer park, this is what you’re going to get. You’re going to get a ‘Paula Jones’ kind of ‘tramp’. That’s what you’re going to get with a dollar bill through the trailer park.” (Is that not denigrating those women?) That’s all from the Bill Clinton campaign run by Hillary, and Maureen Dowd and Katie Couric pointing it out.(I was surprised because both Dowd and Couric are huge Hillary supporters) . Furthermore, it is the progressive, liberals that gave US Trump in the first place. How many decades have morals been stripped from society in the name of “progress” by Democrats? We can go back 50 to 60 years but let’s start with Democrat Ted Kennedy and his buddies who treated ‘women ‘ like prostitutes and had their way with them in what was eagerly accepted by the left called “waitress sandwiches” on the tables at their favorite restaurant in Washington. I’m sure you liberals can picture that. How about Obama showing off his erect ‘manhood’ to the ‘women’ on the airplane in 2008? For decades the ‘progressives’ have told US not to judge others and let them be who they are and say what they want to say. If anyone ever said otherwise the left denigrated them called them ‘old-timers’, ‘old fashioned’, ‘outdated’ ‘religious freaks’ and so forth and so forth. We get to watch it on TV, in the movies, listen to the sexual lewd lyrics in music, watch the artist on stage in their sexually scandals clothing, (or none at all)…all in the name of “progress”. Democrats and far too many people point their fingers and pretend they didn’t create and celebrate the culture in which Trump merely partakes. (but hey, let’s blame Trump for being a product of what “progressive” “progress” has called for over decades). For the entire leftist out there, keep this in mind while you continue protesting the Electoral College, calling ‘death threats’ against the E.C. members, destroying property, blocking traffic, assaulting innocent trump supporters (or white skinned people in general just because they are ‘Caucasian’, violating rules and laws in your demand that we abolish the E.C. and Hillary be president. Donald Trump DID NOT steal your money. Trump DID NOT lose $6 Billion of your tax dollars in 4 years as Sec of State (and no that has not been ‘debunked’ as Hillary lied about in the debate). Donald Trump DID NOT raise your taxes. Donald Trump DID NOT quadruple the price of food. Donald Trump did not give US the Unaffordable Care Act that is raising the cost of healthcare nationwide. Donald Trump did Not give guns to Mexican Drug Cartels which have been used to kill Federal Agents and hundreds of Mexicans in ‘Fast and Furious’. Trump IS NOT stirring a race war, but the ‘media’, Obama, Hillary, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and race bating Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson… are. Trump DID NOT leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by radical Islamic Muslims. Donald Trump did not put an innocent video producer in Jail for a video Obama and Hillary lied about numerous times and blamed Benghazi on. Trump DID NOT send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda aka ISIS. Trump DID NOT arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians, Women, Children, LGBT (that they are throwing off roof tops to their deaths) and anyone else that disagreed with their radical ideology throughout the Middle East. Donald Trump DID NOT betray Israel. Donald Trump DID NOT provide financing and technology to Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Donald Trump DID NOT give our military secrets to China. Donald Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia (BTW Russia is now setting up nuclear missiles on their borders. That shield looks pretty good right now). Donald Trump DID NOT shrivel our military, and betray our veterans in the VA scandal. Donald Trump did not cripple our economy and give US $20 Trillion debt. Donald Trump did not say “Our Borders are the most secure they have ever been” only to be followed by the invasion of illegals because someone is deliberately not enforcing our Immigration Laws. Donald Trump DID NOT hide illegal email evidence from the government and American people! Donald Trump DID NOT steal Billions of dollars from Haiti through a corrupt run Clinton Foundation! Donald Trump DID NOT set up an illegal private “unsecured” email server and destroy thousands of classified emails, and then the devices using a hammer after receiving and acknowledging the subpoena! Donald Trump DID NOT expose our Top Secret Documents to Internet Russian & Chinese and other Foreign Government Hackers! Donald Trump DID NOT launder illegally gained Campaign Donations from foreign governments “With Human Rights Violations against Women and LGBT” within a corrupt Foundation designed to Profit Hillary & Bill Clinton alone! Donald Trump DID NOT ruin and Downgrade the nations credit, at least four times in just 8 years!. Donald Trump DID NOT double African American unemployment. Donald Trump DID NOT increase welfare to a record level for eight years. Donald Trump DID NOT sign a law making it legal to execute, and imprison Americans without due process. Donald Trump DID NOT set free the terrorists in Guantanamo bay and thousands of criminals from our jails. Trump did not call half the nation’s citizens “Deplorable” and “Irredeemable” just because we do not agree with her liberal ideology. Trump also did not call the Bernie Sanders supporters “Basement Dwellers” “Whiners” and “Looneys” and a “Basket of Losers” while being paid lucratively by her Wall Street Buddies and mocking the Sanders supporters to her donors. Trump also did not call Mexican group leaders “Needy Latinos”. Trump further did not have a “Two-Face” persona where he tells one thing in “private to donors” and another in “public to the voters” as Hillary does (thank you Wikileaks). Trump DID NOT donate 96% of charitable donations to himself and call it “charity” as Hillary did. Donald Trump DID NOT steal your rights, violate US Constitutional law, or commit treason, hundreds of times as Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have done!

This Gay Trump supporter would not trust Hillary to walk my dog, if I had one, let alone run this country!

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