Hillary did not send supporters to Trump rallies. That is not a true fact.
Beth Martinez

Beth, what is a “fake news site” but a news sight that ‘you’ do not agree with. In reality there are very few so called ‘fake media sites’. The Washington Times is not a ‘fake news site’ yet they reported on Oct 18, 2016, “Democratic heads roll after video shows agitators planted at Trump Rallies” by Valarie Richardson. The “video” footage from Project Veritas showing the protestors admitting they were paid as much as $1500.00 to stir up violence at Trump Rallies. All of the undercover investigation Project Veritas videos clearly showing the inside tactics from the Hillary Clinton campaign admitting to “paying mentally ill people to do shit”. The “black hat operatives” that work for Democrat Bob Creamer admitting on camera that they’ve trained people to provoke violence outside of Trump rallies. Scott Foval, National Field director at Americans United for Change (Hillary PAC) stating “no, I’m saying we have mentally ill people that we pay to do shit, make no mistake…” The Chicago riots lead by Aaron Black, DNC Rapid Response Coordinator stating on camera “So the Chicago protest when they shut all that [down], that was us. It was more him (Bob Creamer) than me, but none of this is supposed to come back to us because we want it coming from people, we don’t want it to come from the PARTY”. The Arizona Trump Protest, Zelema Rodriques, DNC activist stating on camera “Oh, then we also did the Arizona one where we shut the highway down.” We also have the Wikileaks DNC documents showing the collusion between Hillary and the DNC to stir up agitators and pay them for protesting at the Trump rally's, not to mention the collusion of “cheating” Bernie Sanders as reported from the Dailywire, by Amanda Prestigiacoma on October 17, 2016. The planned anti-trump rallies were also covered by CNN (is CNN fake?) Then we also have Hillary’s “degrading” of women. Are you saying Katie Couric of Yahoo News is “fake news”? Are you saying Maureen Dowd of the New York Times is “fake news”? Both, Couric and Dowd, admitted on Courics Yahoo News that Hillary did in fact “degrade” all the “women” who brought allegations of sexual misconduct against her husband Bill. Here is a quote from Dowd herself speaking to Couric, “There’s a very fixed pattern of Bill Clinton saying he didn’t do it, you know, HILLARY and other people kind of trying to TRASH the women who said it, and years later Bill Clinton having to ADMIT to having the affairs,”. Furthermore the New York Times reported on Hillary's “degrading” and treatment of those women just because of their “class”, such as “trailer park” trash. What do you think was meant when Clinton strategist James Carville stated “Drag a hundred dollars through a trailer park and there’s no telling what you’ll find,”? Carville’s statement directed at the “trailer park trash” Paula Jones. (are you saying the New York Times is “fake news”?)I wont give you any links to the Project Varitas videos because you will just say it’s fake, even though it isn’t ‘fake’ when it’s all caught on undercover cameras, (you do know how ‘undercover investigation’ works right?) you can look them up yourself. Just do a search for Project Veritas-Rigging the Elections and you will find all of them. However, you might want to take a look at the Daily Caller and this article reporting about what Couric and Dowd admitted on her Yahoo News show and what the New York Times, reported about Hillary and her “systematic destruction”, degrading and denigration of these women. The link to the source is in the article so no, it is not “fake news”, unless you think Yahoo News and the New York Times are “fake news sites”. Oh yes, your previous comment suggested that I said something about the Trump supporters. I’m still waiting for you to tell me what I said about the Trump supporters.


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