And finally are black police officers racist?
Amber Lisa

OK so black and other minority police officers are racist, according to you because they are part of the ‘system’. OK what system would you like to have? Do you want a civil system or a system ran under the demands of the Black Panthers, or New Black Panthers these days? Show me where the overwhelmingly police officers are “sexist and racist”. Are there bad apples? No doubt. There are bad apples in ‘every’ profession which is why those are the one we need to get rid of. But there is no overwhelming systematic racist police officer force in this nation. A black person rapes a white person and nothing is ever said about it on the media. A group of blacks beat a white person and nothing is done to them, as we have witnessed with BLM in every location they have protested. So what do you say about that? If you have “tons of facts” where is it? You haven’t shown me one ‘evidence’ yet during our conversations. You’ll say it’s there but you never show it. And I have already totally destroyed your Flint Michigan so called ‘evidence’.

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