And the sanctity of human life has been disregarded for millennia- going back to the Romans- who…
Amber Lisa

So are you saying that because of what someone did ‘in the passed’ the white people of ‘today’ should ‘pay’ for what was done in the passed? That would be blaming an innocent person for what someone else did, and demanding the innocent person who did nothing wrong must pay for what the guilty person did in the past. Are you also saying that because some law enforcement in the ‘past’ brutalized’ blacks that ALL law enforcement ‘today’ brutalize blacks? Which is obviously not true and we have thousands of black law enforcement officers, so are you saying the black law enforcement officers are ‘racist’? America has changed over time and that is ‘self evident’. If America was still as bad and racist as you love to ‘paint’ it out to be there would not be any ‘wealthy’ black Americans or any other wealthy minorities, but there are millions of them throughout the country. So clearly it is not what you are painting it out to be. And what is this “ Obviously you believe you are losing something, or you wouldn’t be on Medium posting FBI stats”? I post FBI states because it is the FBI stats, aka ‘data’. In other words it is called evidence against what is being feed to US by the left ‘victim’ agenda. Nor do I “believe that I’m losing something”; which makes absolutely no sense. What is it that ‘you think’ I would lose? Should blacks understand their history? Yes they should just like every person should understand their history. However, blacks should not ‘hold’ on to what was and move ‘forward’. Thanks to a great man named Abraham Lincoln we have the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. There is not ‘slavery’ in the US anymore and there has not been for a very long time. No person alive today was ever a slave. Black people are just as equal, under the law, to white people. Some critics love to claim the proof of the systemic racism is the fact that there are more blacks and minorities in jail than there are white. If you want that to change maybe those breaking the laws shouldn’t break the laws. According to ‘US Crime in Black and White; A Comparative Measurement of Black and White Crime in the United States’, “We DO know that in regard to nonviolent crimes, such as DWI/alcohol offenses, blacks and whites both commit crimes nearly identical to their representative population. However, in violent/aggressive crimes, blacks commit them at a rate many times higher than their representative population, while whites tend to commit them at a rate markedly lower than their representative population.

It has been argued by many that whites simply get away with crime more — that they’re let off because they’re white — but that isn’t true. Along with Whites, Asians, Hawaiians, Native Americans and every other race reveal crime rates consistent (or even much lower than) their representative population. If systemic racism were true, the other races wouldn’t be getting arrested, tried and convicted in accordance with their representative share of the overall population. They, too, would be showing much higher rates, but they aren’t.

Instead, they’re on par with their population in regard to violent crimes and some are even higher in a few other nonviolent areas, while most are lower in aggressive/violent areas.”

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