And Republican Democrat it’s all the same damn thing, really.
Amber Lisa

Where have I “attacked blacks”? Nowhere. I’m all for a free open market and a Conservative President. Heck I know Trump is not conservative and not close to being the conservative president I’d like, that’s why I voted for Cruz during our state election. But Cruz didn’t make it and I do know what Hillary is and I do know what she would further do to the nation which is why I will vote for Trump because there is no other candidate, including Libertarian Gary Johnson even close to taking Hillary out. Clearly you do not like Hillary or Trump so how do you support? Furthermore to suggest that I am not ‘well educated on capitalism’ or how the ‘system’ works, you are so wrong. I know very well how the ‘system’ works. Lastly, the only thing BLM protestor are doing is showing US how much they can break laws, destroy property, stand in the roads and interstates and block traffic, scream racism where there is non and assault innocent people just because of the ‘color of the skin’ and we get to witness that everyday. All based on falsehoods and lies.

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