Okay so let’s talk about modern day slavery or the prison industrial complex…first lets read the…
Amber Lisa

Yes those Southern Democrats did pass the Jim Crow laws. They also founded the KKK. Thankfully the Republicans fought back and did away with them. (And sorry, just in case you bring it up, the parties did not switch. Less than 1% of the ‘then’ democrats came to the Republican Party. But the “Party” did not switch.) What “Jim Crow” laws are you referring to when you claim they are “still in effect to this day”? I don’t know of one of those laws that are ‘still in effect to this day’. American Black, White, Latino, Asian citizens… ALL “pay the salaries of law enforcement”, not just Black. And as my last post and source showed you Blacks are not “being incessantly targeted, ticketed and fined for minor traffic violations that others commit all the time”. I suggest you go back and read it. Yes I’ve seen some richer people get a slap on the hand and others not. However I’ve also seen some black people get a slap on the hand and not go to jail. So that line doesn’t work either. Sorry but white people cannot “commit any crime we want, with impunity”, if that was true there wouldn’t be any white people in jail or prison and we know there are white criminals in jail and prison. Yet again, you are using more lefts ‘victim’ wording with zero credibility. And BTW, I’ll say it again, American slavery ended long ago before any other country did.

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