Flash was the future.
Craig Swann

I got into multimedia development and animation in HyperCard. Then I started building websites, and I always wondered why there wasn’t a way to just put a HyperCard stack on a website. Then I found Flash, and the world changed. No more cross-browser testing. No more table based layouts. No more single pixel spacer gifs to achieve pixel perfect layout. I could develop content that went beyond a static site and became an experience.

It‘s taken years for browsers to catch up to where they’re at today, but they’re getting closer to where we were at the end of the Flash era. New JavaScript frameworks are starting to deliver the level of flexibility (pun intended) that we had with the Flash Platform. JSON is still a heavier data format than AMF was, but at least it’s lighter than XML and SOAP. Professional video delivery, especially with encryption and copy protection, is nowhere near where FMS was a decade ago. WebRTC is not RTMP, but it’s getting better every day. And JavaScript still isn’t as awesome as ActionScript 3, though with things like TypeScript, it’s getting closer.

Sure, Adobe screwed up. Many times. But the technology was strong and defined an era of the web.

I miss the community, most of all. I’ve never been in a community that was more respectful of peers. Because of Flash, I have a giant family full of amazing, creative people. I wouldn’t trade my time as a Flash developer for anything.