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So the other day I had been working for many hours trying to put a model together and plot out the results. Finally, late in the evening I was done and I saved each of over 3,000 plots from my model to its own pdf. Hooray! but…

Now I had 3,000 pdfs sitting in a folder but I had been asked to deliver a SINGLE pdf document. Since I don’t have any pdf tools already on my computer and most software that you can find won’t let you merge that many docs (or cost money) I went looking for a Python solution. …

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Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

The news is filled with stories about AI taking over many jobs in the coming years. The jobs noted to be the most at risk are those that are repetitive or that follow patterns or rules — even jobs in accounting, healthcare, marketing and law are at risk. Others say that AI will work by our side, making our jobs easier by automating the routine, boring tasks. However, something like coaching football, with all its strategy and leadership components should be immune from AI — right?

Well what if we could replace a portion of that job, that for most coaches, is boring, repetitive and a waste of time. …


Zack Stern

Unapologetic ingester of information

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