Handle Browser Back Button/Login Page Bookmarking; After Successful Authentication : WSO2 Identity…
Hasintha Indrajee


The fix works like magic! thanks. I am using 5.3.0. And I faced couple of issues,

  1. You should probably include basicauth.jsp as well to the artifacts. There are two errors in basicauth.jsp in my version, when I used the login.jsp from the artifacts. There is a missing page import for org.wso2.carbon.identity.core.util.IdentityCoreConstants and variable declaration was missing for “errorCode”. I have fixed these myself using the copy from v5.3.0. Do you think I missed any patch or step?
  2. There is a hard coding in com.custom.login.endpoint.CustomLoginEndpointUtil on line number 82. Minor one — fixed that myself

Is it possible to add an entry to the registry when we make API call to /identity/connect/register by invoking the Registry API. I am trying to reduce one step which the admin / maintenance could potentially miss in future. So, can service provider registry API can directly make the entry to the registry?

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