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Zachary Swetz
Feb 8 · 3 min read

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On to the trends!

February 10th — Monday

  • What would we do without this great invention ☔🌂- #NationalUmbrellaDay❗

#NationalHomeWarrantyDay — Take some time today to ✅ on your warranties for those expensive appliances.

This is a good day to take time for your 💻#NationalCleanOutYourComputerDay — old files, cookies, temporary files, etc.

Cream Cheese + Chocolate = #NationalCreamCheeseBrownieDay 🍫👍

February 11th — Tuesday

  • #RandomActsofKindnessWeek runs from February 11–17. Launched back in 1995 it’s an annual opportunity to unite people around the world through kindness. Spread the word using your social media.

Don’t stop at random acts of kindness, because today is also #NationalMakeaFriendDay

#NationalShut-InVisitationDay is observed on this day as well. Brighten up 🌞 someone’s day by paying them an unexpected visit.

#NationalWhiteShirtDay — did you know this unofficial national holiday honors the men and women who participated in the strike at General Motors in 1937❓

#NationalDon’tCryOverSpilledMilkDay — just a day to look at the bright side ☀️

#ExtraterrestrialVisitationDay — 👽👾📡;

#NationalPeppermintPattyDay — a cool minty candy, try one and share your thoughts in a tweet.

#InventorsDay — a day to remember some great inventors throughout history.

February 12th — Wednesday

  • Happy Birthday 🎈🎂 to our 16th President of the United States — #AbeLincolnDay

If you missed this holiday treat at Christmas, today would be a good day to try #NationalPlumPuddingDay — made up of nutmeg, raisins, nuts, apples, cinnamon and dates.

February 13th — Thursday

  • #WorldRadioDay — a day to celebrate the radio 📻 as a way of educating people, providing information, and promoting freedom of expression across cultures.

#NationalTortelliniDay — a day to treat yourself to a delicious dish of stuffed mini ring shaped pasta 🍝

February 14th — Friday

  • Happy #ValentinesDay ❤️❤️ You know what to do (and what you can’t forget to do).

Spread the hashtag on social media today about #NationalOrganDonorDay — and give thanks to the many organ donors for saving lives 🙏🏻

A positive approach to lunchtime inclusion #NoOneEatsAloneDay — organized by students across our nation. Encourage this day tweeting out this hashtag.

Happy Birthday 🎈🎂 to George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., the inventor of the Ferris Wheel on this #NationalFerrisWheelDay🎡

Whether it’s milk, dark or white chocolate, try some cream filled chocolates today — #NationalCream-FilledChocolates — the variety is endless (marshmallow cream, creme de menthe or coconut cream).

February 15th — Saturday

  • Happy Birthday 🎈🎂 #SusanBAnthony’sBirthday

Toy Inventor Morris Michtom was granted permission to use the President’s nickname for a new toy, and on this day in 1903 the first Teddy Bear went on sale — #TheFirstTeddyBearIsMade

#SinglesAwarenessDay (SAD) — a day for all singles to get together and celebrate! 🥂🎆

A day to indulge in the many flavors of gumdrops — #NationalGumdropDay fruity or spicy❓ Taste and Tweet

On this day in 1634, Wisconsin became the 30th state — The Badger State. Rich in copper, lead, forest and fertile farmland — #NationalWisconsinDay

February 16th — Sunday

  • #InnovationDay — a day to spot a problem, think of a solution, and before you know it you’re innovating. How will you be innovative ❓ Tweet about it.

Packed with vitamin E, magnesium and fiber, almonds are a healthy choice for snacking (or use them in a variety of recipes ❗ ) #NationalAlmondDay

#NationalDoAGrouchAFavorDay 👹 😤 brighten up a grouch’s day today ❗😀

That’s all for this week folks! Thanks for reading! And remember, if you want the full spreadsheet and calendar of 2020 Hashtags, use the promo code hunt100 on our website at for $100 off!



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