The House of Representatives yesterday passed a billed officially titled the American Health Care Act. And it seems the entire world would like to refer to this piece of legislation — which remakes nearly 1/6th of the US economy, redistributes $600,000,000,000.00 from the nation’s poor and working class to the wealthiest Americans — as TrumpCare.

Sorry, #TrumpCare.

As if adopting the exact same strategy the Republicans used in 2010 to drum up opposition to the Affordable Care Act is going to be effective.

Here is the problem with that. This is not TrumpCare. This is not what he ran on, not what he promised, not what his voters want. Assigning this would-be law to him is plain wrong.

Not only is it wrong, it’s dangerous. Here’s why-

This is not a far right policy, it’s just a right policy. This legislation is straight out of the modern-day conservative playbook. Calling it RyanCare might be more accurate, but still wrong. It is exactly what conservatives want, their plan for America.

It’s a tax cut for the rich dressed up as a health care policy.

If we, as progressives, want to beat back against these kind of poor-hating policies (this will not be the last one), then we must recognize where it comes from. Simply assigning it to Trump might help you win a presidential election in four years. But Democrats need to do more than that. They need to win the Senate. They need to win the House. They need to win State Legislatures and Governorships.

This is not TrumpCare. This is what Obamacare would look like if it was designed to hurt the majority of Americans in order to benefit the wealthiest among us. This is what the modern day Republican Party believes in.

You can go on and on about who this bill hurts — the poor, the young, the old, the working class, the middle class, women, minorities, etc. — and people should, because it does. But until we identify the underlying cause, we can’t decide what to do about it.

This is a political victory for Paul Ryan and all the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Do not give Trump any credit, and do not give him any blame.