The New “Friends”

Prominent contemporary television series like “Seinfeld”, “Friends”, “How I Met Your Mother” and recently “New Girl”, all have a recurrent plot. Fundamentally it’s a bunch of friends hanging out somewhere in an Urban city like New York or Los Angeles discussing their day to day lives, adventures, mishaps, heartbreaks, and their love for food. It almost seems timed, as soon as one would end, another series showcasing the perfect friendship comes about. But now the new “it” friendship is vloggers. Vloggers such as Liza Koshy, David Dobrick, Zane Hijazi, Heath Hussar, Alex Ernst, Jason Nash, Nik Keswani, Gabbie Hanna, Toddy Smith and Scotty Sire are the epitome of a perfect friendship. Most of them are in their early too mid 20’s and have risen to fame due to their own content.

What differentiates the new “Friends”, is that there is no casting required, it is simply that they are people who happen to be savvy with a camera and have good editing skills, going around Los Angeles filming their selves and their friends and then post it on you tube. There is no professional set design, wardrobe design, expensive camera and crew, most importantly no script writers. These “friends” write their own scrips, come up with their own content and are engaging with their fans on their different social media accounts. Since most of them post between once a week to three days a week, viewers feel closer to them. With that being said, the way in which they impact their viewers impressively is due to many details but mainly it’s because their different backgrounds, mixed ethnicity, sense of humor and the fact that they are living the young adult dream in Los Angeles, that makes them our new source for a good laugh. These “friends” engage in a two- communication scheme where they ask their fans what they want to see or ask them question. They invite us to their homes, along their shopping trips, their crazy and stupid moments we get to live it with them. They prank each other, poke fun of themselves and one another, basically they just seem real, which is something series like “Seinfeld”, “Friends”, “How I Met Your Mother” and recently “New Girl often lack.