For the love of Todd

Today I read a little something by a brilliant writer Todd Brison that totally made sense and hit home harder than usual. To honor that lightbulb moment, I will write a little something every day (I really really hope so) So he is talking about micro journaling and I thought what better way to do that than right here on Medium. No one reads my rants any way! hahaha…ok time to head to the medicine cabinet …he has asked us to write one thing we are grateful about…putting in the date for all the entries we are making and making lists…still not clear about that but we will see..

So…today is the 26th of July 2017.

Today I am grateful for being able to come to work. Last Wednesday, I was ill. I went home from work and collapsed. Had what my doc sister calls a “strep throat”..a raging fever of 104'C and a massive headache. So I am really grateful that I don’t have that today :)

My list for today….

I am going to

  1. Guard my tongue and not say anything mean or hurtful.
  2. Walk after getting home
  3. Eat a lot of fruit
  4. Keep myself hydrated
  5. Watch an episode of Monk
  6. Try and read the novel before bedtime
  7. be nicer to my dad
  8. work out the visa thingie
  9. think nice things about myself
  10. forgive mean people…

Well that was not hard at all…thank you Todd!

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