HCDE: Visualization Sprint

What Was Done?

What was accomplished in the studio session was how to use the program, Tableau to create amazing visualizations when given a data set. The data set we used in studio was the 9–1–1 call data. In Studio, the whole session was about getting familiar with working in pairs and learn the program. What my partner and I were able to accomplish was to create different visualizations using the software, from tree maps all the way to linear graphs. The idea behind data visualization is the in a big data set, the data needs to be portrayed in some way and the best way to do is by graphing it out or even making any kind of visual that would make the data better to look and also it gets the point across.

Tableau, the program used
An Example of Data Visualization

So What?

What I really loved about this sprint was the idea of using a new software. I am video editor and I love using new software because there are things some software can do better that others, and in the case of tableau, it does it a lot things better than excel. Tableau has an amazing interface and it is easy navigate and it really was not hard to pick up at all. The graphs are more powerful and portray the data better. The software also has the option to upload the visuals is own online storage which makes it easy to share with other people. I also loved that it gives the option to filter out data points that are not needed. For the deliverable, I was able to sort out which area I wanted to view and what crimes I want to see in those areas.

Now what?

I see the use of tableau and visualizations in many companies, especially in environmental companies. What those companies can use this technique is to show how the climate is changing, they can take their data set, upload it on tableau and then use the symbol map to to show the change of climate around the world. I can see myself using this technique for personal projects or even a statistics class, where I would have to take a certain data set and then analyze that using a graph. Where I see this not being used is in places where there is little to no data and in that case it would not be useful to use this technique.