Baba Iqbal- From Prison to Mentor-ship

My School

This picture is a clear evidence of my obsession of the nostalgia that reside close to my heart. I know that you cannot see the name of school written clearly but you can see another name clearly which I actually want to tell you about. Yes, his name was Mr. Malik Iqbal Khand who was very humble, simple and culture-loving personality. The history of him becoming a mentor is really fascinating. He completed his Bachelors of Education back in 1964. He tells that he used to travel through many kilometers daily on foot to study as he was from a poor family and backward area. Unfortunately, he was jailed because his brother had killed a person of the opposite tribe in a traditional rivalry and whole of the family of Mr.Iqbal was nominated in FIR. While his case was being prosecuted, he was about to be sentenced, but suddenly during the hearing of the case, Judge looked at the academic profile of Mr. Iqbal and said, I set you free today from this case but you have to devote yourself for the education of poor people. Imagine, that man taught in jungles and then in a far off village, to save himself from his rival tribes. Then, he made a school in the city, in which I studied. The strange thing was that, most of the people from village didn’t pay the minor amount of fee i.e. Rs 50/- at that time but BABA didn’t rusticate a single student on that. His excellency, he was an apt guru of Maths and English. He was considered to be the last resort for solution of complex grammatical problems or numerical questions. He was an epitome of humility and courage. I saw him mending my broken chappal when I was in class 2. The moment I stand today in this arena of excellence is utterly dedicated to that man, Baba Iqbal. He taught me about basic grammar and paved my interest through the English language. I have won many English essay writing and Debates contests, all of which are dedicated to to my guru. I feel pride about the moments when he used to grant me his precious time after the school was closed. He further granted me full assistance for my admission in F.G. School for matriculation in Islamabad. I would never be what I am today, if he would not be the man behind. Salute!